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Senate Committee Passes AUMF in Syria; G20 Summit Overshadowed by Syrian Conflict; 19th Round of TPP Negotiations Conclude

Executive and Legislative Branch Activity Syria Interrupting the congressional recess one week early and after two days of debate, last Wednesday, September 4, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed by a vote of 10-7 its Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF) in Syria resolution. Members in both the Senate and House, however, remain … Continue Reading

House and Senate to Debate NDAA Amendments; Defense Appropriations up for House Debate; Administration Debating Next Steps in Syria

Legislative Branch Activity National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Over the course of two days last week, the House debated over 150 amendments to its FY 2014 NDAA bill (H.R. 1960). Notably, the House approved by 305-121 an amendment to transfer all combat operations to Afghans by the end of this year and withdraw all U.S. … Continue Reading

Presidential Campaigns in Iran; Confirmation Hearings Held for USTR Nominee Froman

Executive and Legislative Branch Activity Syria Austria said it is pulling its troops out of the United Nations (U.N.) peacekeeping mission to Syria after increased battles between Syrian troops and rebels in the Golan Heights. The White House condemned the Assad regime’s assault on the city of Qusayr, noting the attack has killed “untold numbers … Continue Reading

Counterterrorism National Security Speech; Syria and Iran Concerns

Executive and Legislative Branch Activity Syria During last week’s Congressional recess, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) slipped over the Turkish border into Syria to meet with the leaders of the Free Syrian Army. Syrian opposition leaders reportedly called on the United States to increase its support by providing heavy weapons, instituting a no-fly zone and employing … Continue Reading