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COVID-19: US Developments – Implementation and Oversight of CARES Act – June 10, 2020

The United States has experienced a sharp increase in the number of new reported cases of coronavirus over the past week, but Beltway media coverage and the policy debate in Washington this week are largely centered on the potential for action in both chambers of the US Congress on police reform legislation. Republicans, emboldened by … Continue Reading

COVID-19: US & European Developments – Implementation and Oversight of CARES Act – June 9, 2020

The US Congress is moving urgently to formulate new legislation that goes to the heart of the current policy debate in America, and it has nothing to do with coronavirus. Instead, the focus of Congress’ current short-term agenda is police reform, calls for which have surged across the nation in the wake of the universally … Continue Reading

COVID-19: US Developments – Implementation and Oversight of CARES Act – June 2, 2020

For the first time since early 2020, the dominant topic in the American policy debate is not the COVID-19 pandemic. With national attention consumed by protests, riots and the state of race relations in the United States, efforts continue in Washington to stabilize and stimulate an American economy that was brought to a screeching halt … Continue Reading

The AHCA: On to Rules Committee and House Floor; The Third Prong: Additional Legislation; HRSA Further Delays 340B Final Rule

Legislative Activity The AHCA: On to Rules Committee and House Floor The American Health Care Act (AHCA) continues to make its way through the legislative process.  After surviving markups in the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, the House Committee on Ways and Means, and the House Committee on the Budget, it is time for … Continue Reading

Republican Conference Emerges from Retreat with Tentative Plans on Reconciliation; Supplemental Funding Legislation for Border Wall Expected; OMB Nominee Mick Mulvaney Faces Tough Questions

Legislative Activity Last week, the Republican Conference held its annual retreat in Philadelphia. Although members left the meeting without a clear path forward on numerous items, it was clear that they intend to have a busy legislative schedule over the next year. With regard to fiscal issues, Republicans remain committed to passing two budget reconciliation … Continue Reading

House To Consider Transportation Bill on Floor

Legislative Activity House To Consider Transportation Bill on Floor Both chambers passed a short-term extension last week, reauthorizing highway, highway safety, and transit programs through November 20. The House now turns to floor consideration of their six-year surface transportation bill on Wednesday. The House appears determined to make productive use of the 22-day extension. On … Continue Reading

House Transportation Bill Marked-Up, But Short-Term Extension Needed

Legislative Activity House Transportation Bill Marked-Up, But Short-Term Extension Needed Facing the October 29 expiration of surface transportation programs, the House will vote this week on a bill to extend these programs for three weeks, through November 20, buying time for the House to finish work on its six-year bill. The extension legislation also includes … Continue Reading

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Releases Highway Bill, Markup Scheduled This Week

Legislative Activity House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Releases Highway Bill, Markup Scheduled This Week On Friday, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee (T&I) released its long-awaited surface transportation reauthorization bill and scheduled the markup of the bill for this Thursday, October 22. The House provides six years of authorizations from the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) … Continue Reading

SCOTUS Decision on ACA Subsidies Expected Any Day; IPAB Repeal Hits House Floor; Appropriations Committees Consider Health Bills; 340B Proposed Rule Released

SCOTUS Watch The Supreme Court is expected to issue its opinion in King v. Burwell by the end of the month, though it is unclear when the decision will be handed down. Currently, the Supreme Court has scheduled non-argument days for June 22 and 29, with a conference day scheduled for June 25. The issue … Continue Reading

Tax Reform Working Groups Ready Recommendations; Highway Funding in Focus

Legislative Activity Senate Finance Committee Working Groups to Submit Tax Reform Proposals After having been provided additional time to finalize their proposals for consideration by the full Committee, the Senate Finance Committee Tax Reform Working Groups are due to submit their proposals by this Friday, June 26. The Working Group that appears to have made … Continue Reading

Congress Avoids DHS Shut-Down, Passes Short-Term Funding Measure; Republicans Appoint Hall As CBO Director

Legislative Activity Congress Avoids DHS Shut-Down, Passes Short-Term Funding Measure Funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will again be the top priority on the congressional agenda this week after both a “clean” full-year continuing resolution (CR) and a three-week CR failed to advance in the House, forcing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) … Continue Reading

DHS Funding Deadline Nears; Budget and Appropriations Committees at Work; Republicans Narrow Search for New CBO Director

Legislative Activity DHS Funding Deadline Nears Department of Homeland Security (DHS) funding expires on Friday, February 27, leaving only days for Congress to act to fund DHS. The Senate has not been able to overcome a Democratic filibuster of the House DHS funding legislation (H.R. 240), which includes policy riders blocking the President’s executive actions … Continue Reading

President Submits Proposed FY 2016 Budget to Congress; Republicans Continue Search for new Congressional Budget Office Chief

Legislative Activity President Submits Proposed FY 2016 Budget to Congress On Monday, February 2, the President submitted his proposed FY 2016 budget to Congress, kick-starting the annual budget and appropriations process. His $4.066 trillion proposal called for tens of billions of dollars in new spending, arguing that the Federal deficit has been cut and the … Continue Reading

Previewing the President’s FY 2016 Budget; Congressional Budget Office Releases Budget and Economic Outlook

Legislative Activity Previewing the President’s FY 2016 Budget The Administration will release the President’s FY 2016 budget later today, Monday, February 2. Federal agencies will host briefings to outline the President’s priorities and provide background on the proposed budget numbers. Congressional budget committees will then kick-off a series of hearings on these proposals starting Tuesday, … Continue Reading

Early Outlook for Tax Activity in Congress; House Leadership Releases Proposal to Require Dynamic Scoring

Legislative Activity Early Outlook for Tax Activity in Congress As Congress returns to Washington, tax writers will prepare to move forward on several different fronts.  As anticipated in our prior coverage, lawmakers were able to pass tax extenders legislation before the 113th Congress adjourned. The legislation, however, only provided a one-year retroactive extension of the … Continue Reading

Department Of Treasury Predicts The Extension Of Nation’s Debt Ceiling

LEGISLATIVE ACTIVITY Debt Ceiling The suspension of the nation’s debt ceiling authorized by the FY 2014 Continuing Resolution (P.L. 113-46) will expire on Friday; however, the Department of Treasury predicts it will be able to extend the deadline through the end of February using accounting techniques knows as “extraordinary measures”. The debt ceiling increase was … Continue Reading

NDAA Comes to Senate Floor; White House Receives Intelligence Program Interim Report

Executive and Legislative Branch Activity Defense Authorization, Budget And the Sequester The Fiscal 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) (S.1197) is expected to come to the Senate floor this week. Speculation is high the Senate debate will be truncated in order to conclude before the Thanksgiving congressional recess. There is growing consensus the second round … Continue Reading

CBO Report Says Tax Expenditures Benefiting Wealthiest Americans

Legislative Activity Tax Writing Committee Meetings Continue The Senate Finance Committee has continued its series of closed-door committee meetings on tax reform, recently issuing their latest Option Paper on May 23 – this one on Economic Security. The closed-door meetings are intended to facilitate discussion among senators in an attempt to find where agreement on … Continue Reading