Legislative Activity

Renewed Call for Improved Airport Perimeter Security

After a 15-year-old California boy survived a five-and-a-half hour stowaway trip last week, Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) resubmitted a request sent in February by some of his fellow House Homeland Security Committee members to the Government Accountability Office to perform a review of airport perimeter security resources and procedures.  Rep. Swalwell explained how this incident highlights the gaps in airport security beyond the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) passenger checkpoints and is a real threat to national security.  In light of this recent incident the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety and Security will hold a hearing on Wednesday focused on the TSA’s plans to adapt to new airport security threats.

This Week’s Hearings:

  • Tuesday, April 29: The House Homeland Security Subcommittee on Emergency Preparedness, Response and Communications will hold a hearing titled “Stakeholder Assessments of the Administration’s National Preparedness Grant Program Proposal.”
  • Tuesday, April 29: The Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Human Rights will hold a hearing titled “Law Enforcement Responses to Disabled Americans: Promising Approaches for Protecting Public Safety.”
  • Wednesday, April 30: The Senate Homeland Security Committee will hold a hearing titled “Lessons Learned from the Boston Marathon Bombing: Improving Intelligence and Information Sharing.”
  • Wednesday, April 30: The Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Aviation Operations, Safety and Security will hold a hearing titled “Transportation Security Administration Oversight: Confronting America’s Transportation Security Challenges.”

Legislative Activity

DHS Secretary Johnson Meets with Key Immigration Stakeholders

Last week Secretary Johnson met with various stakeholders ranging from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to religious associations, as well as members of Congress to work towards a permanent solution for immigration reform in regards to our Nation’s security. This meeting is part of the on-going thorough and inclusive review process Secretary Johnson is undertaking to assess how the Department of Homeland Security can better enforce and administer immigration laws.  Additionally, Secretary Johnson explained after the meeting how he is re-evaluating the Administration’s deportation priorities to make certain they are focused on national security, public safety and border security.