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Many Tax Policy Priorities Remain as Retirement and Pension in Focus for Finance; Treasury Full Steam Ahead on Section 385

Legislative Activity Many Tax Policy Priorities Outstanding as Congress Looks to Home Stretch With Congress back in Washington for several weeks of work before adjourning in advance of the November Election, tax-writers have much work in store – though the lack of legislative days, coupled with the complex and divisive nature of some of the … Continue Reading

Tax Reform Efforts Continue; Section 385, BEPS Implementation Dominate Regulatory Agenda

Legislative Activity The Long March to Tax Reform Continues On June 24, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) released the House GOP’s Task Force on Tax Reform’s long-awaited tax reform “Blueprint,” which lays out the GOP’s tax policy agenda for 2017. Specifically, and as we discuss in greater detail in our alert, … Continue Reading

Tax-Writers Gear Up to Release Proposals; Treasury Response to Concerns Over Section 385 Regs Unclear

Legislative Activity Coming Soon: The GOP’s Tax Reform “Blueprint” With House Republicans expected to roll out their comprehensive tax “blueprint” this month – and lawmakers set to leave Washington on Friday, June 24 – it is likely that we will see the proposal released this week. It is quite possible, however, that the final product may … Continue Reading

Comprehensive Tax Proposal Expected by June; Inversions, CbyCR on Horizon for Regulators

Legislative Activity Tax –Writers Plan to Put Out Comprehensive Blueprint by June Last Friday, April 15 (i.e., Tax Day), House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) confirmed that the Tax Reform Task Force (set up earlier in the year by Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI)) plans to release a comprehensive tax reform “blueprint” by … Continue Reading

Tax-Writers to Examine Tax Reform Proposals, May Move on Tax Extenders

Legislative Activity House Tax-Writers Continue Moving Forward with Work on Tax Reform This week, on Wednesday, April 13, the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Tax Policy will hold a hearing to continue the Committee’s efforts to examine “fundamental tax reform proposals.” In March, Ways and Means Committee members examined legislative proposals related to cash-flow … Continue Reading

Senate to Continue Consideration of FAA Reauthorization Act

Legislative Activity Senate to Continue Consideration of FAA Reauthorization Act On Monday, the Senate will resume floor consideration of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act of 2016. Over 100 amendments to the bill have been filed, but it is unclear how many will be offered on the floor this week. Additionally, Senate Leadership and … Continue Reading

International Tax Reform Remains a Priority for Tax-Writers, BEPS Begins to Take Center Stage; Treasury Still Focused on Inversions

Legislative Activity With Tax Extenders (Mostly) Behind Them, Tax-Writers Likely to Focus on International Tax Reform With Congress (somewhat unexpectedly) having enacted permanent tax extender legislation prior to adjourning the first session of the 114th Congress, tax-writers are now expected to move forward with their efforts on international tax reform – though the substance and … Continue Reading

Tax-Writers May Move on Tax Extenders, IRS Delays Dividend Equivalent Rules

Legislative Activity Lawmakers Moving Toward Resolution on Tax Extenders With potentially only five legislative days remaining before Congress is scheduled to adjourn for the year, tax-writers and congressional leaders are continuing their work to finalize a tax extenders package, with the House having scheduled time to vote on potential legislation this week. Thus far, Republicans … Continue Reading

Tax-Writers Take On BEPS, Tax Extenders

Legislative Activity Tax-Writers Begin to Focus on BEPS, Tax Extenders Still Remain Though international tax reform negotiations may have fallen apart for 2015, tax-writers this week will hold their first hearings to address efforts by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to counter corporate tax avoidance as part of more than two years … Continue Reading

Lawmakers to Finish Highway Funding, Turn to Extenders; IRS Advisory Council to Discuss Operational Funding

Legislative Activity Lawmakers Conference Highway Bills as Tax-Writers Turn to Extenders With highway funding authorization set to expire on Friday, November 20, House and Senate lawmakers this week will be tasked with conferencing their versions of highway funding legislation. In addition to differences in the transportation provisions, there still remains a key difference between the … Continue Reading

Tax-Writers Move on Highway Funding, Tax Extenders

Legislative Activity Tax-Writers Running Out of Time on Highway Bill Last week, the House of Representatives passed by a vote of 312-119 an $8 billion five-month highway patch that includes various tax compliance-related pay-fors, which themselves raise nearly $5 billion. If the House is successful in getting the Senate to agree to its short-term extension … Continue Reading

Tax-Writers Likely to Debate Highway Funding, Vote on Inversions-Related Amendment

Legislative Activity Senate Finance Committee Tax Reform Working Groups Release Reports Last week, on Tuesday, July 8, the Senate Finance Committee released the long-awaited reports from its five bipartisan Tax Reform Working Groups, which were formed to “spur congressional comprehensive tax reform efforts in the 114th Congress.” The groups focused on: (1) Individual Income Tax; … Continue Reading

Finance Working Groups Set to Release Proposals As Tax-Writers Continue to Focus on International Tax Reform

Legislative Activity Deadline for Senate Finance Committee Working Groups’ Proposals Nears, Talk of International Tax Reform Continues After being delayed for a second time, the Senate Finance Committee Tax Reform Working Groups are expected to submit their reports to the full Committee on Tuesday, July 7. Presently, it is unclear the extent to which (if … Continue Reading

Tax Reform Working Groups Ready Recommendations; Highway Funding in Focus

Legislative Activity Senate Finance Committee Working Groups to Submit Tax Reform Proposals After having been provided additional time to finalize their proposals for consideration by the full Committee, the Senate Finance Committee Tax Reform Working Groups are due to submit their proposals by this Friday, June 26. The Working Group that appears to have made … Continue Reading

Lawmakers Press Onward with Tax Reform Efforts; IRS Issues Regulations, Guidance

Legislative Activity Lawmakers Press Onward with Tax Reform Efforts; Tax Extenders, Highway Funding Coming Into Focus With tax-writers having moved trade legislation out of their respective committees, the Senate Finance Committee’s Tax Reform Working Groups have begun to hold roundtables to brief their colleagues on the status of their work and to receive initial feedback. … Continue Reading

Tax Extenders, Tax Reform Remain in Focus; IRS, Treasury Preparing Additional Guidance

Legislative Activity Ways and Means Votes to Permanently Extend Seven Tax Extenders, Finance Zeroes in on Getting to Tax Reform On Wednesday, February 3, the House Ways and Means Committee held a markup of seven bills to permanently extend certain tax provisions, including section 179 business expensing and various charitable provisions. During the 113th Congress, … Continue Reading

Finance Democrats Write Letter on Tax Reform; Lawmakers to Consider Infrastructure Funding, Tax Extenders

Legislative Activity President Obama to Unveil FY 2016 Budget Later today, President Obama is set to unveil his FY 2016 Budget (Budget). We anticipate that the Budget will include various proposals previewed in President Obama’s State of the Union Address. Squire Patton Boggs will release a comprehensive Budget analysis in the days following. Senate Finance … Continue Reading

Early Outlook for Tax Activity in Congress; House Leadership Releases Proposal to Require Dynamic Scoring

Legislative Activity Early Outlook for Tax Activity in Congress As Congress returns to Washington, tax writers will prepare to move forward on several different fronts.  As anticipated in our prior coverage, lawmakers were able to pass tax extenders legislation before the 113th Congress adjourned. The legislation, however, only provided a one-year retroactive extension of the … Continue Reading

Lawmakers Near Deal on Tax Extenders

Legislative Activity Lawmakers Near Deal on Tax Extenders After a nearly year-long process, on Wednesday, December 3, the House voted 378-46 to approve H.R. 5771, the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014 – a $41.6 billion tax extenders package. At the same time, the House also passed H.R. 647, the Achieving a Better Life Experience … Continue Reading

Republicans to Select Chair of Ways and Means, IRS to Discuss Proposed Regulations on MMFs

Legislative Activity Lawmakers to Continue Debate on Tax Extenders As previously reported, lawmakers are expected to continue debate on tax extenders legislation. While many suspect that the end result will be  a short-term extension (one or two years) of the expired tax provisions, there continues to be discussion of a blended approach, which would temporarily … Continue Reading

Lawmakers to Focus on Tax Extenders; Administration May Issues More Guidance on Inversions

Legislative Activity Lawmakers to Focus on Tax Extenders As Congress returns to Washington, tax extenders legislation remains on the relatively short list of “must pass” items in the lame duck session. While the House and Senate have thus far taken different approaches on extenders, it is likely that lawmakers will finalize a proposal before adjourning … Continue Reading

Lawmakers to Focus on Elements of Tax Reform; Administration Likely to Move on Corporate Inversions

Legislative Activity Lawmakers to Focus on Certain Elements of Tax Reform This week, lawmakers are set to focus on various aspects of tax reform. On the Senate side, the Finance Committee will hold a hearing on reforming the retirement savings system, as well as a hearing on reforming energy tax incentives. In the House, Members … Continue Reading

January 1 Passes and Tax Extenders Allowed to Expire

Tax Legislative Activity January 1 Passes and Tax Extenders Allowed to Expire No agreement was reached by January 1, 2014 on renewing many tax code provisions that expired on December 31, 2013. These provisions, commonly referred to as “tax extenders”, include the research and development credit, wind credit and the exception for active financing, among … Continue Reading

Treasury Attorney Says FATCA Effective Dates Will Not Be Postponed

Tax Legislative Activity Congressman Says Tax Extenders Could be Handled this Spring Representative Richard Neal (D-MA), a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, stated that if comprehensive reform stalls, the committee could take up tax extenders “sometime around February or March.” Tax extenders are provisions that are due to expire at the end … Continue Reading