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EPA Clean Power Plan Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Report Released on Recommendations for Chemical Facility Safety

Regulatory Activity Greenhouse Gas The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) “Clean Power Plan” to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) from existing power plants will fundamentally shift the nation’s energy economy for generations to come. Broadly speaking, the proposal would require state governments to implement plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) from existing power plants by … Continue Reading

FY 2015 Funding Requests for NOAA

Regulatory Activity Clean Water Act The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have finally published for public comment their proposed rule defining the scope of waters protected under the Clean Water Act (CWA). As we previously noted in the Capital Thinking Report, the proposed rule is potentially likely to have … Continue Reading

EPA To Hold Panel Review of Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards

Regulatory Activity Greenhouse Gas Emissions The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will hold a panel to consider proposed rule changes to amend and extend the medium- and heavy-duty vehicle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards beyond the model year 2018. According to the EPA, the proposed changes are likely to include “more stringent engine and vehicle GHG … Continue Reading

Energy Efficieny Legislation Passes in the House on Suspension of the Rules & EPA Releases Final Standard for Gasoline Sulfur Content

Legislative Activity House Narrowly Passes Two Partisan Rules Bills During “Energy Week” Last week, the House narrowly approved two partisan energy-related bills, H.R. 3826 (the “Electricity Security and Affordability Act”) and H.R. 2641 (the “Responsibly and Professionally Invigorating Development Act of 2013” or RAPID Act), as part of the House Republican Leadership’s thematic “energy week.” … Continue Reading

State Department IG Finds No Wrongdoing In Selection of Keystone XL Contractor

Legislative Activity House Schedules “Energy Week” for Legislative Debate This week, the House Republican leadership has planned a thematic “energy week” to organize legislative debate on the floor. The House will consider three rules bills and several non-controversial bills under suspension of the rules. The three rules bills include: (1)  H.R.3826, the “Electricity Security and … Continue Reading

EPA To Propose New GHG Emissions Rule for Oil and Gas Facilities; Fracturing – New EPA Guidance, EPA Proposes New Farm Safety Rule

Regulatory Activity EPA To Propose New GHG Emissions Rule for Oil and Gas Facilities The EPA is proposing revisions to the greenhouse gas reporting rule for oil and gas facilities that will revise calculation methods, monitoring and data reporting requirements, terms and definitions including confidentiality determinations. Affected parties are likely to include: pipeline transportation of … Continue Reading

Energy and Commerce to Consider Bill to Limit EPA’s Regulatory Authority

Legislative Activity Energy and Commerce to Consider Bill to Limit EPA’s Regulatory Authority On Monday, January 13, the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Energy and Power will hold a markup vote on H.R. 3826, the “Electricity Security and Affordability Act.” The legislation seeks to curtail the Environmental Protection Agency’s (“EPA”) ability to control … Continue Reading

President’s Task Force to Meet on Climate Change; EPA and USDA to Create New Water Quality Trading Policy; 2014 Fuel Economy Guide Released

Executive Activity President’s Task Force To Meet on Climate Change The President’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience will meet for the first time on Tuesday, December 10. The Task Force is composed of 26 state, local and tribal officials and is charged with identifying ways to prepare communities for the impact of climate … Continue Reading

Senate EPW Committee Hearing on Fugitive Methane Gas Leaks; EPA Holds DC Listening Session on GHG Standards for Existing Power Plants

Legislative Activity Senate EPW Committee Holds Hearing on Fugitive Methane Gas Leaks Last Tuesday, November 5, the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works held a hearing titled “Fugitive Methane Emissions from Oil and Gas Operations.” During the hearing, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) director of atmospheric programs in the Office of Air and Radiation, … Continue Reading

Supreme Court Sets Up Limited EPA Greenhouse Gas Challenge

Legal Activity Supreme Court Sets Up Limited EPA Greenhouse Gas Challenge On Tuesday, October 15, the Supreme Court granted and consolidated six petitions for certiori to hear a limited appeal of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulation of greenhouse gases from new motor vehicles. The Court’s decision is limited to a single question: “Whether EPA … Continue Reading

Senate Energy Committee Clears Two Nominees & EPA Postpones New Power Plant Rule Listening Sessions

Legislative and Regulatory Activity Senate Energy Committee Clears Two Nominees The Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources held a business meeting in executive session on Tuesday, October 8 to consider the nominations of Mr. Michael Connor and Ms. Elizabeth Robinson to serve as Deputy Secretary of the Interior and Under Secretary of Energy, respectively. … Continue Reading

EPA Releases Proposed Rule Governing New Power Plant CO2 Emissions

Legislative Activity This Week’s Hearings: Tuesday, September 24: The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Subcommittee on Clean Air and Nuclear Safety, will hold a hearing to examine black carbon as a global health problem and to determine low-cost solutions. Tuesday, September 24: The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, Subcommittee on Oceans, … Continue Reading

Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

Legislative Activity Greenhouse Gas Emissions The National Academies of Sciences (NAS) has released its report titled “Effects of U.S. Tax Policy on Greenhouse Gas Emissions.” Congress had charged NAS with conducting a comprehensive review of the Internal Revenue Code to identify the types of and specific tax provisions that have the largest effects on carbon … Continue Reading