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Polarized Electorate, Divided Government: What to Expect With the 118th Congress

Following the initial post-election analysis we released on November 9, several critical races in the US Senate and House of Representatives have been certified, which has also determined party control of each chamber. This updated analysis incorporates those results and continues to provide analysis on what the election likely means for a host of policy areas – … Continue Reading

Democrats Reverse Historical Trend to Retain Senate Control; Republicans Are in the Driver’s Seat for the House Majority

Senate Democrats will begin 2023 in a familiar place – the Senate majority. Late Saturday evening, the Associated Press called the Nevada Senate race for incumbent Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto. The announced victory comes on the heels of incumbent Democratic Senator Mark Kelly’s victory in Arizona on Friday.… Continue Reading

Polarized Electorate, Divided Government: What to Expect With the 118th Congress

This presentation provides an analysis of the US mid-term elections – not a recitation of who won and who lost, but what the shift in power dynamics means for major policy areas. Note: given the continued (and perhaps prolonged) uncertainty with the remaining open Senate races in particular, the presentation notes that uncertainty and will … Continue Reading

House Passes Legislative Branch Appropriations Legislation Under Structured Rule, Committee Work Continues

Legislative Activity House Passes Legislative Appropriations Bill Last week, the House passed a $3.5 billion FY 2017 Legislative Branch Appropriations bill by a vote of 233-175, largely along party lines, after Speaker Paul Ryan brought the bill to the floor under a “structured rule” to limit amendments. Reversing his stance for an open amendment process, … Continue Reading

House Considering Legislative Branch Final Passage with Structured Rule, Senate to Move on Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education Spending Bill in Committee

Legislative Activity House to Try Again on Passing an FY 2017 Spending Bill Congress left for its Memorial Day Recess with the failure of the House to pass the typically non-controversial Energy and Water Development Appropriations bill (H.R. 5055) over disputes on amendments related to LGBT anti-discrimination and the Iran nuclear deal, among others. The President … Continue Reading