Sustainability Outlook European UnionOur European Public Policy team is pleased to share with you our monthly newsletter, Sustainability Outlook – European Union which looks at key developments in EU sustainability law and policy.

This month’s edition includes the following summaries:

  • European Commission starts discussion of an “ecosystem” for energy-intensive industries.
  • European Commission adopts its Work Programme for 2022.
  • European Commission publishes a roadmap on bioplastics.
  • European Parliament adopts a resolution on methane emissions.
  • European Commission consults on the revision of EU rules on air quality.
  • EU adopts revised rules on access to justice in environmental matters.
  • European Commission starts the revision of rules on cosmetics.
  • European Commission starts the revision of rules on detergents.
  • Outgoing Executive Director of the ECHA shares his views on chemicals regulation.
  • European Commission prepares the second High Level Roundtable on the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability.
  • European countries call for consumer protection and circularity of textiles.
  • European Parliament votes against the extension of pesticides approvals.
  • EU agencies launch parallel consultations on the initial scientific evaluations of glyphosate.
  • ECHA provides a guideline on the reduction of animal testing.
  • EU court dismisses an appeal against phthalates authorisation.
  • EU court decides against suspending rules on the marking of single-use plastic (SUP) beverage cups.
  • EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum publishes a report on energy use of cryptocurrencies.
  • France proposes to reinforce environmental regulation of digital technologies.
  • Dutch government consults on the draft regulation on SUPs.
  • France plans to regulate consumer information on environmental characteristics.
  • Italian government wants to postpone the plastic tax.

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