US executive branch text over image of White HouseThis report provides a snapshot of the US Executive Branch priorities via daily schedules and the prior day’s press releases.

POTUS’ Schedule*

*The US President (POTUS) and Vice President’s (VPOTUS) daily schedules are subject to change.

9:20 a.m. PDT – THE PRESIDENT departs Las Vegas, NV, en route to McClellan Park, CA

10:40 a.m. PDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Sacramento McClellan Airport | McClellan Park, CA

11:00 a.m. PDT – THE PRESIDENT participates in a briefing on wildfires | McClellan Park, CA

12:05 p.m. PDT – THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks and participates in a Ceremony Recognizing the California National Guard | McClellan Park, CA

12:40 p.m. PDT – THE PRESIDENT departs McClellan Park, CA, en route to Phoenix, AZ

2:30 p.m. MST – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport | Phoenix, AZ

2:40 p.m. MST – THE PRESIDENT departs Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport en route to Arizona Grand Resort & Spa  | Phoenix, AZ

3:00 p.m. MST – THE PRESIDENT participates in a Latinos for Trump Coalition Roundtable | Phoenix, AZ

4:25 p.m. MST – THE PRESIDENT departs Phoenix, AZ, en route to Washington, D.C.

11:15 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Joint Base Andrews

11:35 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at the White House

VPOTUS’ Schedule*

9:25 a.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT departs Washington, D.C., en route Janesville, WI, on Air Force Two

10:20 a.m. CDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT arrives in Janesville, WI, on Air Force Two | Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport

11:00 a.m. CDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at a Make America Great Again! Rally | Holiday Inn Conference Center

1:05 p.m. CDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT departs Janesville, WI, en route Belgrade, MT, on Air Force Two

2:45 p.m. MDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT arrives in Belgrade, MT, on Air Force Two | Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport

3:20 p.m. MDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at a Montana GOP Rally | Big Yellow Barn | Belgrade, MT

5:30 p.m. MDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT departs Belgrade, MT, en route Washington, D.C., on Air Force Two

11:05 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT arrives in Washington, D.C., on Air Force Two

Recap of Saturday & Sunday, September 12-13, 2020

Note: All bold hyperlinks spotlight COVID-19 and reopening developments.

The White House

  • Executive Order on Lowering Drug Prices by Putting America First
  • Executive Order on Lowering Drug Prices by Putting America First
  • Remarks by President Trump After Air Force One Arrival | Reno, NV (September 12, 2020)
  • Statement from National Security Advisor Robert C. O’Brien (re: Congratulating Mauricio Claver-Carone on his election to lead the Inter-American Development Bank)

Department of Defense (DOD)

  • Press Release: DOD Identifies Air Force Casualty (non-combat; Kuwait)

Department of State

Daily Schedule | Monday, September 14

  • September 13: Statement | U.S. Welcomes Serbia’s Intention to Designate Hizballah as a Terrorist Organization
  • September 12: Statement | Secretary Pompeo’s Travel to Cyprus
  • September 12: Remarks | Secretary Michael R. Pompeo at the Cyprus Center for Land, Open-seas, and Port Security Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony
  • September 12: Fact Sheet | The Cyprus Center for Land, Open-seas, and Port Security
  • September 12: Readout | Secretary Pompeo’s Call with Sudanese Prime Minister Hamdok
  • September 12: Readout | Secretary Pompeo’s Meeting with the Taliban
  • September 12: Readout | Secretary Pompeo’s Meeting with Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and Afghan Acting Foreign Minister Atmar
  • September 12: Readout | Deputy Secretary Biegun’s Participation in the ASEAN Regional Forum Virtual Foreign Ministers’ Meeting
  • September 12: Statement | Signing of an Enhanced Consular Privileges and Immunities Agreement with the United Arab Emirates
  • September 12: Statement | Election of Mauricio Claver-Carone as President of the Inter-American Development Bank

Department of the Treasury

  • Statement from Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin on the Election of Mauricio Claver-Carone as President of the Inter-American Development Bank

Department of Justice

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) | Daily Press Releases
  • Press Release: Request Denied for Preliminary Injunction on the Administration’s Landmark New Regulations Implementing under the National Environmental Policy Act

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

  • Press Release: CBP Seizes $3.6 Million of Counterfeit Currency in North Dakota

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

  • Press Release: State of Oregon and FEMA Working Together to Deliver Coordinated Wildfire Response
  • Press Release: FEMA delivers federal assistance in response to historic wildfires in Oregon
  • Press Release: FEMA Authorizes Federal Funds to Help Fight the Brattain Fire in Oregon
  • Press Release: Plan Ahead Before Returning Home (Louisiana)
  • Press Release: Three Additional Louisiana Parishes Designated for Individual Assistance
  • Press Release: Last Chance to Visit Drive-Thru Disaster Recovery Center in Lacassine (Louisiana)

Department of Labor

  • Press Release: ICYMI | U.S. Department of Labor Acts to Help American Workers and Employers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

US Government (USG) COVID-19 Webpages

Non-USG COVID Webpages

Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

Synopsis of President Trump’s Tweets

  • September 14: “If you murder a police officer, you should receive the death penalty!”  [Video]
  • September 14: “For the entire summer, Joe Biden was SILENT as left-wing mobs assaulted police officers. When Biden’s far-left supporters set fire to police cars, precinct stations, and courthouses, Joe Biden called them ‘PEACEFUL PROTESTORS.’ When asked if he would cut police funding, Biden…”
  • September 14: “…replied ‘Yes, Absolutely.’ Biden calls for abolishing cash bail and closing prisons — and Biden even called law enforcement ‘the ENEMY.’ Biden’s anti-police crusade must STOP. Furthermore, the corporations funding anti-police organizations should instead give their money…
  • September 14: “…to the families of crime victims and fallen officers. In the Republican Party, we know that police officers are not villains, but HEROES who risk their lives to KEEP US SAFE 24/7/365!”
  • September 14: “Our thoughts are with the two @LASDHQ  Sheriff Deputies who were shot in Los Angeles. We send our love and support to their families and we pray to God for their recovery.”
  • September 13: “I was right, these people were all wrong, and now they criticize me. Such hypocrisy!” [Video]
  • September 13: “Just signed a new Executive Order to LOWER DRUG PRICES! My Most Favored Nation order will ensure that our Country gets the same low price Big Pharma gives to other countries. The days of global freeriding at America’s expense are over…”
  • September 13: “…and prices are coming down FAST! Also just ended all rebates to middlemen, further reducing prices.”
  • September 13: “Sleepy Joe Biden has spent 47 years in politics being terrible to Hispanics. Now he is relying on Castro lover Bernie Sanders to help him out. That won’t work! Remember, Miami Cubans gave me the highly honored Bay of Pigs Award for all I have done for our great Cuban Population!”
  • September 13: “They just don’t get it!”  Retweet:  Kenny Webster @KenWebsterII · 12h · Trump, easily one of the greatest marketing strategists in history, has driven thousands of angry liberals to publicly express their confusion over why he plays the Village People at his campaign rallies. It’s perfect.…
  • September 13: “Actually falling very steadily and fast. Deaths and hospitalizations way down, and even cases down despite far more Testing than any other country in the World, by far. India second!”  Retweet:  Scott Gottlieb, MD @ScottGottliebMD · 15h · Overall U.S. Covid cases and hospitalizations continue to fall, driven by sharp declines in the sunbelt states. Key question: Is this the nadir before we see a fall and winter resurgence of a pathogen that typically spreads in the winter; or can we hopefully hold onto these gains
  • September 13: “But people don’t want to get mugged, beaten up, or killed. Let New York’s Finest (who proudly endorsed me!) do their job. Rehire crime squad and fired police. They will bring safety back to NYC, FAST!!!”  Retweet:  Mayor Bill de Blasio @NYCMayor · Sep 12 · It’s a beautiful Saturday, New York City. Get out and enjoy it, but don’t forget we’re fighting back against COVID-19.  Wear your face covering. Practice social distancing.
  • September 13: “In the highly competitive world of high tech, how come nobody has ever challenged Mini Mike Bloomberg and his very average, & supposedly outdated, “stuff” that he sells to so many? Did he use his position as Mayor of New York to create what is now a monopoly? Just askin’?”
  • September 13: “I thought Mini Mike was through with Democrat politics after spending almost 2 Billion Dollars, and then giving the worst and most inept Debate Performance in the history of Presidential Politics. Pocahontas ended his political career on first question, OVER! Save NYC instead.”  Retweet:  Axios @axios · 14h · NEW: Bloomberg to spend $100 million to help Biden win Florida
  • September 13: “If they die, fast trial death penalty for the killer. Only way to stop this!”  Retweet:  Donald Trump Jr. @DonaldJTrumpJr · 14h · Please pray for these two Sheriff Deputies. Their lives matter!!! #BlueLivesMatter…
  • September 13: “Such an honor! Drudge is down 40% plus since he became Fake News. Most importantly, he’s bleeding profusely, and is no longer ‘hot’. But others are! Lost ALL Trumpers.”  Retweet:  Thomas Paine @Thomas1774Paine · 13h · ICYMI – Drudge’s Historic Crash Hits Rock Bottom; Numbers from Turbulent August Tank
  • September 13: “Animals that must be hit hard!”  Retweet:  LA County Sheriffs @LASDHQ · 22h · Update: The gunman walked up on the deputies and opened fire without warning or provocation.
  • September 13: “I am running for re-election to bring prosperity to Nevada, to put violent criminals behind bars, and to ensure the future belongs to AMERICA—NOT China. If we win, AMERICA WINS! If Biden wins, China wins. If Biden Wins, the rioters, anarchists, and arsonists win. VOTE! #MAGA”
  • September 13: “I did more in 47 months as President than Sleepy Joe Biden did in 47 years! #MAGA”
  • September 13: “Joe Biden cannot LEAD our Country, because he does not BELIEVE in our Country. At Biden’s convention, they decried America as a wicked, sinful nation, destined for a fate of doom and despair. They even removed the words “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance – twice…”
  • September 13: “…The far-left maniacs supporting Joe Biden are burning flags and chanting “America was never great.” But we know the truth: America is the most Exceptional Nation on earth, and our destiny is blessed by God!”
  • September 13: “THANK YOU NEVADA! #MAGA”
  • September 12: “Just landed in Nevada but while on Air Force One watched most vicious TV commercial I have ever seen. Pathetic Joe’s people placed an unsourced ad where they have me saying unthinkable things about soldiers while standing over their graves. It is a MADE UP LIE. A TOTAL CON JOB!”
  • September 12: “Just landed, see you soon Minden, Nevada. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

  • September 12: “While I travel the Country, Joe sleeps in his basement, telling the Fake News Media to “get lost”. If you’re a reporter covering Sleepy Joe, you have basically gone into retirement!”
  • September 12: “Once again, Sleepy Joe told the press they could go home at 9 A.M. Meanwhile, your Favorite President, me, will go to Reno, Nevada tonight, three stops in Las Vegas tomorrow, with California and Arizona on schedule Monday. Don’t worry, we won’t be taking off Tuesday, either!”
  • September 12: “WOW — THANK YOU! #MAGA”

  • September 12: “Love it, thank you! #MAGA”

  • September 12: “CONGRATULATIONS! #MAGA”

  • September 12: “Thank you IDAHO! #MAGA”

  • September 12: “Hispanics seem to be strongly favoring President Trump!  @OANN”
  • September 12: “Fake Liberal Democrat Donors. Money laundering anyone?”  Retweet:  Lindsey Graham @LindseyGrahamSC US Senate candidate, SC · Sep 12 · Wow – this sounds fishy as hell. Nearly 50% of liberal donors using @actblue were untraceable and listed as unemployed (with a 4% national unemployment rate).
  • September 12: “Chicago‘s Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Donald Trump for Reelection via @BreitbartNews. Thank you to John Catanzara and Chicago’s FOP. I will never let you down!
  • September 12: “‘Mail-Vote Madness in Pennsylvania – The swing state is heading toward an election crackup that could draw the entire country into a legal brawl.’ @GovernorTomWolf of Pennsylvania should not be allowed to defraud the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES!”
  • September 12: “All that time and money spent, and it turns out that the Mueller Investigation was a total SCAM!”
  • September 12:  “The Unsolicited Mail In Ballot Scam is a major threat to our Democracy, & the Democrats know it. Almost all recent elections using this system, even though much smaller &  with far fewer Ballots to count, have ended up being a disaster. Large numbers of missing Ballots & Fraud!”