US executive branch text over image of White HouseThis report provides a snapshot of the US Executive Branch priorities via daily schedules and the prior day’s press releases.

POTUS’ Schedule*

*The US President (POTUS) and Vice President’s (VPOTUS) daily schedules are subject to change.

10:00 a.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT departs the White House en route to Joint Base Andrews

10:35 a.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT departs Washington, D.C., en route to Charlotte, NC

11:45 a.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Charlotte Douglas International Airport | Charlotte, NC

12:55 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Flavor First Growers and Packers | Mills River, NC

1:00 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT participates in a tour of Flavor First Growers and Packers | Mills River, NC

1:30 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on Farmers to Families Food Box Program Distribution | Mills River, NC

2:10 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Asheville Regional Airport | Fletcher, NC

2:20 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT departs Fletcher, NC, en route to Greer, SC

2:55 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT departs Greer, SC, en route to Washington, D.C.

4:10 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Joint Base Andrews

4:45 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at the White House

Looking Ahead:  On Wednesday, August 26, President Trump will meet with medical professionals about COVID-19.  On Thursday, August 27, President Trump will participate in a roundtable with supporters in Washington, D.C.  He will also give his acceptance speech for the Republican nomination.

VPOTUS’ Schedule*

9:55 a.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT departs Washington, D.C., en route Charlotte, NC, on Air Force Two

11:10 a.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT arrives in Charlotte, NC, on Air Force Two

1:45 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT departs Charlotte, NC, en route Washington, D.C., on Air Force Two

2:55 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT arrives in Washington, D.C., on Air Force Two

Looking Ahead:  On Saturday, August 29, Vice President Mike Pence will travel to Franklin, Wisconsin, to deliver remarks to the 2020 graduating class at Wisconsin Lutheran College’s commencement ceremony.  He will return later that day to Washington, D.C.

Recap of Saturday & Sunday, August 22-23, 2020

Note: All bold hyperlinks spotlight COVID-19 and reopening developments.

The White House

  • Remarks by President Trump in Press Briefing | August 23, 2020
  • Readout from the Reopening of the White House Rose Garden
  • Readout from First Lady Melania Trump’s Call with Ambassador Dame Karen Pierce of the United Kingdom
  • Disaster Declaration: President Donald J. Trump Approves Louisiana Emergency Declaration
  • Disaster Declaration: President Donald J. Trump Approves California Disaster Declaration
  • Disaster Declaration: President Donald J. Trump Approves Puerto Rico Emergency Declaration

Department of State

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on travel to Israel, Sudan, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates from August 23-28.

  • Daily Schedule | Monday, August 24
  • August 23: Advisory | Secretary Pompeo’s Travel to Israel, Sudan, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates
  • August 23: Advisory | Deputy Secretary Biegun’s Travel to Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine, and Austria (August 24-27)
  • August 22: Fact Sheet | This Week in Iran Policy

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

  • Press Release: President Donald J. Trump Approves Emergency Disaster Declaration for Louisiana

Department of Labor

  • Press Release: ICYMI | U.S. Department of Labor Acts to Help American Workers and Employers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Food & Drug Administration (FDA)

  • Press Release: FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization for Convalescent Plasma as Potential Promising COVID–19 Treatment, Another Achievement in Administration’s Fight Against Pandemic

US Government (USG) COVID-19 Webpages

Non-USG COVID Webpages

Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

Synopsis of President Trump’s Tweets

  • August 23: “Watch Mark Levin, on air now. Great! @FoxNews”
  • August 23: “Actually, I think I’m leading in the Polls! @FoxNews @OANN”
  • August 23: “Chris Wallace ‘forgot’ to ask a very weak and pathetic Schumer puppet, Senator Chrisie Coons, why Biden fought me when I put an extremely early BAN on people coming into our Country from heavily infected China. Biden later admitted I was right! But why no question?”
  • August 23: “‘Next we’ll turn to people of the Biden inner circle’, said by Chris Wallace of @FoxNews after unsuccessfully GRILLING Mark Meadows. Then all softball questions to a group of Biden lightweights, including Senator Chris Coons of Delaware.
  • August 23: “Important White House News Conference at 5:30 (sharp) today. Very good news!”
  • August 23: “Happy Sunday! We want GOD!”  The People of Poland, the People of America, and the People of…A little over three years ago, President Trump delivered one of the most important speeches of his presidency at Krasinski Square in Warsaw, Poland. Standing…
  • August 23: “Two Democrat Caucus Meetings removed ‘UNDER GOD’ from the Pledge of Allegiance. It sounded not only strange, but terrible. That’s where they’re coming from!”
  • August 23: “These riots are an antigovernment movement from the Left that are all in Democrat run cities. The mayors have got to let their police do what they know how to do. Would be very easy to suppress or, call in the Federal Government. We will solve problem fast! @foxandfriends”
  • August 23 [Censored]: “So now the Democrats are using Mail Drop Boxes, which are a voter security disaster. Among other things, they make it possible for a person to vote multiple times. Also, who controls them, are they placed in Republican or Democrat areas? They are not Covid sanitized. A big fraud!”
  • August 22: “Now they’re trying to deny this, but they can’t!”  Retweet:  Steve Guest @SteveGuest · Aug 22 · WATCH: “Under God” was removed from the Pledge of Allegiance during a DNC event this past week.
  • August 22: “@LouDobbs wrote a great new book, “The Trump Century, How Our President Changed the Course of History Forever”. Strongly recommended…A special guy!”
  • August 22: “A ‘Favored Nations Clause’ against Big Pharma, which I signed last week, means that the USA gets a price on Prescription Drugs that matches the price of the Country that pays the lowest price anywhere in the World. 50%, 60%, maybe 70% reduction. No other President would do this!”
  • August 22: “Will be interviewed by @SteveHiltonx  on @FoxNews. 9:00 P.M. Sunday Night. Enjoy!
  • August 22: “Despite biggest ever job gains and a V shaped recovery, Joe Biden said, ‘I would shut it down’, referring to our Country. He has no clue!”
  • August 22: “Terrible!”  Retweet:  Cable News Watch @CableNewsWatch · Aug 22 · Joe Biden’s mysteriously disappearing “Dislikes” on YouTube by @carriesheffield
  • August 22: “We did Criminal Justice Reform without many politically motivated Democrats. The Black & Hispanic community will remember this on November 3rd.”  Retweet:  Carrie Sheffield @carriesheffield · Aug 15 · Jared Kushner: @KamalaHarris refused to help with landmark, pro-African-American criminal justice reform: ‘I reached out to Senator Harris’ office for a meeting to see if she could become part of that solution, and she never returned the phone call.’ Read:
  • August 22: “Representatives of the Post Office have repeatedly stated that they DO NOT NEED MONEY, and will not make changes. This is all another HOAX by the Democrats to give 25 Billion unneeded dollars for political purposes, without talking about the Universal Mail-In Ballot Scam….”
  • August 22:  “….that they are trying to pull off in violation of everything that our Country stands for. Vote NO to the Pelosi/ Schumer money wasting HOAX which is taking place now. Then fight the $51 million unasked for Ballots. Only ABSENTEE BALLOTS are acceptable!”