US executive branch text over image of White HouseThis report provides a snapshot of the US Executive Branch priorities via daily schedules and the prior day’s press releases.

POTUS’ Schedule*

3:00 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT participates in a roundtable with Governors on the reopening of America’s small businesses | State Dining Room

VPOTUS’ Schedule*

10:00 a.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT departs Washington, D.C., en route Mount Clemens, MI, on Air Force Two

11:25 a.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT arrives in Mount Clemens, MI, on Air Force Two | Selfridge National Guard Base

12:00 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT has lunch at Engine House | Mount Clemens, MI

2:10 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT tours Chardam

2:40 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT delivers remarks to employees at Casadei Steel Inc. on Opening Up American Again | Sterling Heights, MI

4:20 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT departs Mount Clemens, MI, en route Washington, D.C., on Air Force Two

5:40 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT arrives in Washington, D.C., on Air Force Two

*The US President (POTUS) and Vice President’s (VPOTUS) daily schedules are subject to change.

Recap of Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Note: Bold hyperlinks spotlight COVID-19 developments.

The White House

  • Remarks by President Trump at Announcement of PREVENTS Task Force Roadmap
  • Readout from the Vice President’s and Second Lady’s Call to NASA Astronauts aboard the International Space Station
  • Bill Signed into Law:
  • Text of a Letter from the President to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate (re: designating Jason Kearns as Chairman and Randolph J. Stayin as Vice Chairman of the United States International Trade Commission)
  • Text of a Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency With Respect to North Korea
    • Text of a Letter from the President to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate (re: continuing the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13466 with respect to North Korea)
  • Statement from the Press Secretary on the Visit of His Excellency Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland (June 24, 2020)
  • Statement from the Press Secretary Regarding Treasury and State Sanctions on the Assad Regime
  • Transcript: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany
  • Readout from First Lady Melania Trump’s Call with Governor Bill Lee of Tennessee
  • Readout of Second Lady Karen Pence’s Meeting with Secretaries of the Military Departments

Department of Defense (DOD)

  • Press Release: Department of Defense Releases Defense Space Strategy
  • Publication: 2020 Defense Space Strategy Summary
  • Fact Sheet: Defense Space Strategy
  • Article: NATO Defense Ministers to Discuss Reduction of U.S. Forces in Germany
  • Article: Over-Prescriptive Requirements Hinder Defense Innovation
  • Article: Artificial Intelligence, Warfighters Form Enhanced Partnership on Battlefield
  • Article: Defense Digital Service Is Hiring Talent, Continuing Mission Despite COVID-19
  • Article: Esper Gets Firsthand Look at Air Force Basic Training Amid Pandemic
  • Advisory: Secretary Esper Travels to Naval Station Great Lakes and Fort Leonard Wood (June 17-18, 2020)
  • Contracts for June 17, 2020

Department of State

  • Daily Schedule | Thursday, June 18
  • June 17: Readout | Secretary Michael R. Pompeo’s Meeting with Chinese Communist Party Politburo Member Yang Jiechi
  • June 17: Statement | G7 Foreign Ministers’ Statement on Hong Kong
  • June 17: Readout |  United States and Canada Forge Ahead on Critical Minerals Cooperation
  • June 17: Fact Sheet | Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act
  • June 17: Sanctions | Syria Caesar Act Designations
  • June 17: Transcript | Special Representative for Syria Engagement James Jeffrey On Syria Caesar Act Designations
  • June 17: Joint Statement of the United States and France on the Strategic Dialogue
  • June 17: Statement | U.S.-UK Technology Safeguards Agreement
  • June 17: Transcript | Briefing With Ambassador Philip T. Reeker On Readout From U.S.-EU Foreign Affairs Council Discussion
  • June 17: Statement | Iceland’s National Day

US Agency for International Development (USAID)

  • Press Release: USAID Announces New Investments to Prevent and Respond to Gender-Based Violence in Environmental Programs

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Department of the Treasury

  • Sanctions: Treasury Sanctions Investors Supporting Assad Regime’s Corrupt Reconstruction Efforts
  • Press Release: SBA and Treasury Announce New EZ and Revised Full Forgiveness Applications for the Paycheck Protection Program

Department of Justice

  • Daily Press Releases | Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
  • Readout from Attorney General William P. Barr’s Meeting with the Presidential Commission on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice
  • Press Release: Justice Department Issues Recommendations for Section 230 Reform
  • Press Release: Team Telecom Recommends that the FCC Deny Pacific Light Cable Network System’s Hong Kong Undersea Cable Connection to the United States
  • Press Release: Nine Pharmacists Charged for Role in $12.1 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme
  • Press Release: Las Vegas Dentist Indicted on Income and Employment Tax Charges
  • Press Release: Solicitor General Noel Francisco Announces Departure from Department of Justice

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

  • Press Release: Acting Secretary Wolf’s Statement on Team Telecom Recommendations
  • Press Release: CBP Issues Detention Order on Hair Products Manufactured with Forced Labor in China (Washington DC)
  • Press Release: Yuma Sector Apprehends Illegal Alien Backpacking over 7 Pounds of Methamphetamine (Arizona)
  • Press Release: Yuma Sector Agents Arrest Driver and Two Illegal Aliens Attempting to Circumvent Checkpoint (Arizona)
  • Press Release: BP Canine Sniffs Out Meth Smuggler at Checkpoint (Arizona)
  • Press Release: A Keen Nose Leads to Currency Seizure in the Rio Grande Valley (Texas)
  • Press Release: CBP Officers Arrest 23 Attempting Illegal Entry At Area Rail Crossings (Texas)
  • Press Release: Laredo Sector Border Patrol Continues to Apprehend Child Molesters (Texas)
  • Press Release: Rio Grande Valley Agents Seize over $750K worth of Drugs (Texas)
  • Press Release: Two Child Predators Arrested at the Border in the Rio Grande Valley (Texas)
  • Press Release: CBP Blocks Counterfeit Solar Panels (Texas)
  • Press Release: 2K counterfeit designer face masks seized in New Orleans, Shreveport (Louisiana)
  • Press Release: Cincinnati CBP Foils the Delivery of 50 Pounds of Cocaine Worth $638K (Ohio)
  • Press Release: CBP Ports in the Buffalo Field Office See 4,000% Increase (New York)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

  • Press Release: Less Than Two Weeks Remain to Apply for Disaster Assistance (South Carolina)
  • Fact Sheet: Less Than Two Weeks Remain to Apply for Disaster Assistance (South Carolina)

US International Trade Commission (USITC)

  • Press Release: Randolph J. Stayin Named Vice Chairman of the U.S. International Trade Commission
  • Press Release: Jason E. Kearns Named Chairman of the U.S. International Trade Commission

Department of Agriculture (USDA)

  • Press Release: USDA Extends Farmers to Families Food Box Program Contracts for Some Vendors

Department of Transportation

  • Press Release: DOT Fines Copa Airlines for Violating DOT Order Suspending Air Service Between the U.S. and Venezuela

Department of Labor

  • Press Release: S. Department of Labor Offers Spanish Language Webinars on Coronavirus-Related Paid Leave Benefits for Agricultural Employers and Workers
  • Press Release: S. Department of Labor Publishes Request for Information On Pooled Employer Plans and Other Multiple Employer Plans

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

US Government (USG) COVID-19 Webpages

Non-USG COVID Webpages

Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

Synopsis of President Trump’s Tweets

  • June 17: “Biden got failing grades and polls on his clueless handling of the Swine Flu H1N1. It was a total disaster, they had no idea what they were doing. Among the worst ever!”
  • June 16: “President Bush fired him also. Bolton is incompetent!”  Retweet:  Dinesh D’Souza @DineshDSouza · 9h · Some of Bolton’s unhinged pique can be explained by his thin-skinned reaction to being zinged by a master. I recall Trump’s offhand comment that had he listened to Bolton the United States would be in, like, World War VI
  • June 16: “Wacko John Bolton’s ‘exceedingly tedious’ (New York Times) book is made up of lies & fake stories. Said all good about me, in print, until the day I fired him. A disgruntled boring fool who only wanted to go to war. Never had a clue, was ostracized & happily dumped. What a dope!”
  • June 16: “Will be interviewed on @seanhannity tonight at 9:00 P.M. Enjoy!”
  • June 16: “Joe Biden was a TOTAL FAILURE in Government. He ‘bungled’ everything that he touched!”