Hand holding light bulb against nature on green leaf with icons energy sources for renewable, sustainable development. Ecology concept. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.This overview provides select EU policy developments in the broad area of sustainability – and how we can support businesses in managing and shaping these policy discussions to their advantage.

Our Observations

  • Despite the COVID-19 crisis, sustainability policy remains a top priority for EU policymakers.
  • Now is the best time for businesses to engage in these discussions and to smartly align concrete corporate with overall EU policy objectives.

Developments and corresponding next steps covered in this update include:

  • EU Green Deal at the core of revised EC Work Programme and Recovery Plan
  • Circular Economy Action Plan 2.0 (CEAP 2.0)
  • The Farm to Fork Strategy (F2F)
  • EU Biodiversity Strategy
  • Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability
  • Industrial Emissions Directive (IED)
  • European Climate Law
  • Restriction Proposal on Microplastics
  • EU Forest Strategy

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