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This report provides a snapshot of the US Executive Branch priorities via daily schedules and the prior day’s press releases.

POTUS’ Schedule*

11:45 a.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT receives his intelligence briefing | Oval Office

12:30 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT holds a conference call with the National Hispanic Community | Oval Office

4:00 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT participates in a meeting with the Governor of Arkansas and the Governor of Kansas | Cabinet Room

VPOTUS’ Schedule*

9:25 AM a.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT departs Washington, D.C., en route Orlando, FL, on Air Force Two

11:25 a.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT arrives in Orlando, FL on Air Force Two

12:15 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT has a conversation with Westminster Baldwin Park Leadership about nursing home challenges during COVID-19 | Westminster Baldwin Park

1:20 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT has lunch with Governor DeSantis to discuss phased economic re-opening | Beth’s Burger Bar

3:00 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT participates in a roundtable discussion with hospitality and tourism industry leaders | Rosen Shingle Creek Hotel

4:30 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT departs Orlando, FL, en route Washington, D.C., on Air Force Two

6:20 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT arrives in Washington, D.C., on Air Force Two

White House Press Briefing Schedule*

3:00 p.m. EDT – Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany holds a briefing | James S. Brady Briefing Room | On Camera

*The US President (POTUS) and Vice President’s (VPOTUS) daily schedules are subject to change, as is the White House press briefing.

Recap of Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Note: All colored text denotes hyperlinks. Purple colored hyperlink spotlights COVID-19 developments.

The White House

  • Executive Order on Regulatory Relief to Support Economic Recovery
  • Remarks by President Trump in Cabinet Meeting
  • Remarks by President Trump on Supporting our Nation’s Farmers, Ranchers, and Food Supply Chain
  • Remarks by President Trump After Senate GOP Policy Lunch | U.S. Capitol
  • Remarks by Vice President Pence at the 7th Meeting of the National Space Council
  • Nominations: Seven Nominations and One Withdrawal Sent to the Senate
  • Press Release: Second Lady Karen Pence Highlights Mental Health Awareness at Great Smoky Mountain National Park Second Phase Reopening

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

  • Press Release: HHS, Industry Partners Expand U.S.-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturing for COVID-19 Response
  • S. Statement on Taiwan’s Participation at the World Health Assembly

Department of Defense (DOD)

  • Article: DOD Adopts ‘Zero Trust’ Approach to Buying Microelectronics
  • Article: DOD Renames Award to Honor Late Sexual Assault Response Coordinator
  • Contracts for May 19, 2020

Department of State

Daily Schedule | Wednesday, May 20

  • May 19: Fact Sheet | UPDATE: The United States Continues to Lead the Global Response to COVID-19
  • May 19: Sanctions | The United States Designates Company Providing Services for Iranian Airline Mahan Air’s Operations in China
  • May 19: Statement | Taiwan’s Inauguration of President Tsai Ing-wen
  • May 19: Advisory | U.S. State Department and University of Georgia to Host Virtual Prevalence Reduction Innovation Forum on Human Trafficking

US Agency for International Development (USAID)

  • Press Release: USAID Announces Nearly $23.4 Million in Additional Humanitarian Assistance to Contain Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo

US Mission to the United Nations (UN)

  • Remarks at a UN Security Council Briefing on the Situation in Syria (via VTC)
  • Joint Statement on the Disability-Inclusive Response to COVID-19 – Towards a Better Future for All
  • Remarks at a UN Security Council Briefing on the Situation in Libya (via VTC)

Department of the Treasury

  • Sanctions: Treasury Designates China-based Mahan Air General Sales Agent
  • Readout from a Treasury Spokesperson on Secretary Mnuchin’s Call with G7 Finance Ministers

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

  • Statement from Acting Secretary Chad Wolf on Non-Essential Travel (re: borders with Canada/Mexico)
  • Statement from Acting Secretary Wolf on the Extension of Title 42
  • Press Release: USBP & ICE Ramping Up Repatriation Flights; Effort Aimed at Reducing COVID-19 Exposure in U.S. (California)
  • Press Release: Yuma Sector Agents Assist with Multiple Distress Calls Over the Weekend (Arizona)
  • Press Release: Nevada Woman Smuggling Deadly Fentanyl Arrested by BP (Arizona)
  • Press Release: Border Patrol Agents Apprehend Two Sex Offenders Over Weekend (Texas)
  • Press Release: Wanted Fugitives And A Drug Seizure Keep El Paso Ports Of Entry Busy This Weekend (Texas)
  • Press Release: Border Patrol Recovers Stolen Firearms in Two Separate Incidents (Texas)
  • Press Release: Smuggler Leads Border Patrol and Multiple Agencies on Pursuit (Texas)
  • Press Release: CBP Agriculture Specialists Seize Illegally Harvested Seafood Imported Contrary to Texas Law at Hidalgo International Bridge (Texas)
  • Press Release: Nearly 3,000lbs of Drugs and Guns Seized at Border since March (Michigan)
  • Press Release: Guns, Drugs, and Money Intercepted before leaving Miami (Florida)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

  • Press Release: FEMA Needs Your Current Contact Information (Tennessee)
  • Press Release: 2020 Hurricane Preparedness Tips (Texas)
  • Press Release: FEMA Recovery Efforts Continue on the Island with Funding Obligations for 121 Projects (Puerto Rico)

Department of Justice

Daily Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Press Releases

  • Press Release: Texas Man Charged with $5 Million COVID-Relief Fraud
  • Press Release: United States Joins False Claims Act Lawsuit against William M. Kelly, M.D. Inc. and Omega Imaging Inc.
  • Press Release: Wisconsin Dentist Sentenced to Prison for Tax Evasion

Department of Commerce

  • Remarks by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross at the Seventh Meeting of the National Space Council
  • Press Release: Commerce Department Releases New Regulations to Support U.S. Leadership in Commercial Satellite Remote Sensing Industry
  • Op-Ed by Commerce Secretary Wilbur L. Ross: 3 Factors Why This Economic Bounceback Won’t Mirror 2008
  • Blog: Spotlight on Commerce | Thomas Hong, Primary Patent Examiner, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Department of Agriculture (USDA)

  • Press Release: USDA, FDA Strengthen U.S. Food Supply Chain Protections During COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Press Release: USDA Announces Details of Direct Assistance to Farmers through the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program

Department of Labor

  • Press Release: S. Department of Labor Adopts Revised Enforcement Policies For Coronavirus
  • Press Release: S. Department of Labor Offers Fraud Prevention Resources To Enhance Integrity of Unemployment Insurance Programs
  • Press Release: S. Department of Labor Announces Availability of $11.5 Million In Worker Safety and Health Training Grants
  • Press Release: Statement of U.S. Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia on Passing Of Labor-Management Standards Director Arthur Rosenfeld

US Government (USG) COVID-19 Webpages

Non-USG COVID Webpages

Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

Synopsis of President Trump’s Tweets

  • May 20: “Breaking: Michigan sends absentee ballots to 7.7 million people ahead of Primaries and the General Election. This was done illegally and without authorization by a rogue Secretary of State. I will ask to hold up funding to Michigan if they want to go down this Voter Fraud path!..”
  • May 20: “@RussVought45 @MarkMeadows @USTreasury”
  • May 20: “Consistently great reporting by Elizabeth MacDonald of @FoxBusiness. She really understands OBAMAGATE!”
  • May 20: “YES!”  Retweet:  Jonathan Turley @JonathanTurley · May 18 · Obama’s United Nations Amb. Samantha Power testified that she had no recollection of even a single such request to unmask Flynn. She made at least seven. When Sessions said that he had “no recollection”, Democrats called for his prosecution for perjury…
  • May 20: “A really great woman, and what a job she is doing!”  Retweet:  Andrew T. Walker @andrewtwalk · 10h · Put your politics aside for a second and let’s just be human: @PressSec’s tribute to @RaviZacharias is very sincere and moving. It is no small thing that the White House Press Secretary is offering these remarks:
  • May 20: “The Fake News knows this. Thanks Katie!”  Retweet:  Katie Pavlich @KatiePavlich · May 18 · “Survey from Jackson & Coker shows an overwhelming majority of doctors would prescribe hydroxychloroquine or another anti-malaria drug to a family member suffering from Wuhan coronavirus.”
  • May 20: “They got caught. Some very nervous criminals out there. Thank you Ted!”  Retweet:  Ted Cruz @tedcruz · 16h · Wow.  Ongoing spying from an outgoing POTUS on the incoming POTUS—directed by Obama himself—is unprecedented in the 243 years of our nation’s history.…
  • May 20: “Thank you!”  Retweet:  US Patriot @USPATRIQT41020 · May 30, 2019 · Replying to @realDonaldTrump:  I’ve always been anti-social media but I’ve finally decided to join Twitter to show my love & support for you, Mr. President. You are truly amazing putting America first & the way you fight the hateful left & media. Nobody else could do what you do….truly incredible. #WWG1WGA
  • May 19: “Thanks. Sleepy Joe has given you nothing, and never will!”  Retweet:  Pierre Wilson @ThePierreWilson · 17h · Trump is the BEST President Black America has ever had. Flag of United States
  • May 19: “Thank you Emily!”  Retweet:  Emily Miller @emilymiller · May 17 · Enormous help to oil and gas producers in Texas and all the jobs dependent on the industry.…
  • May 19: “So true. OBAMAGATE!”  Retweet:  Ted Cruz @tedcruz · 7h · Wow.  Ongoing spying from an outgoing POTUS on the incoming POTUS—directed by Obama himself—is unprecedented in the 243 years of our nation’s history.…
  • May 19: “THANK YOU @SenateGOP!”  Retweet:  Senate Republicans @SenateGOP · 10h · Welcome back to the Capitol, @realdonaldtrump!
  • May 19: “‘The Massive Trump Coronavirus Supply Effort that the Media Loves to Hate’” @RichLowry [Article]
  • May 19:  “I am pleased to announce that the Seattle area’s @SoundTransit will receive over $166M in federal funds from @USDOT to help keep the transit system open & operational, helping get people to work or make necessary trips. These funds help replace lost fare revenue, very important!”
  • May 19:  “I am proud to announce the Portland Area’s @trimet will receive over $184M in federal funds to support continued operations of their transit system. This will keep workers on the job and help the economic recovery by ensuring reliable transportation!”
  • May 19:  “I am proud to announce the San Francisco Bay Area will receive over $700M in federal funds to support continued operations and support workers at @flySFO Intl Airport and for transit on @sfmta_muni & @SFBart. This money will aid in economic recovery!”
  • May 19:  “DC’s @WMATA system is getting over $876M, a big boost to stay open & operating! The federal funds will keep workers paid & buses & trains running on a limited schedule as they are needed for essential trips. Good news for those who rely on transit! Congrats to @MayorBowser & all!”
  • May 19:  “@foxandfriends trounces Morning Psycho (MSDNC) in the Ratings!”