Senate Legislative Activity

The Senate will convene on Monday, January 23, at 3:00pm. Following any leader remarks, the Senate will proceed to Executive Session to resume consideration of the nomination of Mike Pompeo to be the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. There will be up to six hours of debate, equally divided, followed by a roll call vote on confirmation of the Pompeo nomination. If all time is used, the roll call vote will occur at approximately 9:00pm.

House Legislative Activity

On Monday, January 23, the House will meet at 12:00pm for morning hour and 2:00pm for legislative business. Votes will be postponed until 6:30pm. The following legislation will be considered under suspense of the rules:

  1. H.R. 511 – Power And Security Systems (PASS) Act (Sponsored by Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT)/ Energy and Commerce Committee);
  2. H.R. 587 – Fair RATES Act (Sponsored by Rep. Joseph Kennedy (D-MA)/ Energy and Commerce Committee);
  3. H.R. 590 – Advanced Nuclear Technology Development Act of 2017 (Sponsored by Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH)/ Energy and Commerce Committee);
  4. H.R. 518 – EPS Improvement Act of 2017 (Sponsored by Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO)/ Energy and Commerce Committee);
  5. H.R. 290 – Federal Communications Commission Process Reform Act of 2017 (Sponsored by Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR)/ Energy and Commerce Committee);
  6. H.R. 423 – Anti-Spoofing Act of 2017 (Sponsored by Rep. Grace Meng (D-NY)/ Energy and Commerce Committee);
  7. H.R. 588 – Securing Access to Networks in Disaster Act (Sponsored by Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ)/ Energy and Commerce Committee);
  8. H.R. 555 – Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017 (Sponsored by Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)/ Energy and Commerce Committee);
  9. H.R. 460 – Improving Rural Call Quality and Reliability Act of 2017 (Sponsored by Rep. David Young (R-IA)/ Energy and Commerce Committee);
  10. H.R. ___ – Federal Communications Commission Consolidated Reporting Act of 2017 (Sponsored by Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA)/ Energy and Commerce Committee); and
  11. H.R. 582 – Kari’s Law Act of 2017 (Sponsored by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)/ Energy and Commerce Committee)

On Tuesday, January 24, the House will meet at 10:00am for morning hour and 12:00pm for legislative business. Last votes are expected no later than 3:00pm.

  1. H.R. 7 – No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2017 (Subject to a Rule) (Sponsored by Rep. Christopher Smith (R-NJ)/ Energy and Commerce Committee)

The following legislation will be considered under suspension of the rules:

  1. H.R. 589 – Department of Energy Research and Innovation Act, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX)/ Science, Space, and Technology Committee);
  2. H.R. ___ – Digital GAP Act (Sponsored by Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA)/ Foreign Affairs Committee); and
  3. H.R. ___ – READ Act (Sponsored by Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY)/ Foreign Affairs Committee)

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, January 25-27, no votes are expected in the House due to the annual Republican retreat being held in Philadelphia.