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President Obama Looks Ahead To His 10th Trip Go Asia, After Hosting The Nordic Leaders Last Week; The House Will Debate The NDAA This Week, While the Senate Committee Markup Wrapped Last Week; Secretary Kerry Travels to Saudi Arabia, Austria, and Belgium

Last Friday, President Barack Obama hosted the Nordic Leaders Summit in Washington, with the Leaders affirming shared fundamental values and areas of collaboration, while also spotlighting Russia’s military activities in the Baltic Sea region and confirming multilateral sanctions imposed on Russia will remain in place.  Secretary of State John Kerry attended the Global Anti-Corruption Summit … Continue Reading

Negotiators Expected to Resume Talks with Iran; President Obama Outlines Broad Agenda for 2014 State Of The Union Address

Executive and Legislative Branch Activity Iran With the P5+1 interim agreement in effect (as of Monday, January 20), P5+1 negotiators are expected to resume talks with Iran next month.  House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Ed Royce (R-CA) issued the following statement on last Monday’s implementation of the interim nuclear deal: “The U.S. now begins suspending … Continue Reading