US executive branch text over image of White HouseThis report provides a snapshot of the US Executive Branch priorities via daily schedules and the prior day’s press releases.

POTUS’ Schedule*

*The US President (POTUS) and Vice President’s (VPOTUS) daily schedules are subject to change.

11:55 a.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT departs Washington, D.C., en route to West Palm Beach, FL

2:10 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Palm Beach International Airport | West Palm Beach, FL

2:55 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum | Jupiter, FL

3:00 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks on Environmental Accomplishments for the People of Florida | Jupiter, FL

4:50 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT departs West Palm Beach, FL, en route to Winston-Salem, NC

6:40 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Smith Reynolds Airport | Winston-Salem, NC

7:00 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks live from North Carolina | Winston-Salem, NC

8:30 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT departs Winston-Salem, NC, en route to Washington, D.C.

9:35 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at Joint Base Andrews

10:10 p.m. EDT – THE PRESIDENT arrives at the White House

VPOTUS’ Schedule*

3:00 p.m. EDT – THE VICE PRESIDENT leads a White House Coronavirus Task Force meeting | White House Situation Room

Looking Ahead:  On Wednesday, September 9, Vice President Pence will travel to Pennsylvania for a bus tour that begins in Murrysville, Pennsylvania.  He will visit Cornerstone Ministries Church and participate in a roundtable discussion with pro-life advocates.  Later, the Vice President will participate in a fireside chat.  The Vice President will also visit PennEnergy Resources, LLC, in Freedom, Pennsylvania, to deliver remarks focused on American energy independence, fracking, and Pennsylvania energy jobs. Later that evening, the Vice President will return to Washington, D.C.

On Thursday, September 10, Vice President Pence will travel to Lexington, Virginia, to deliver remarks to cadets at the Virginia Military Institute.  He will return later that evening to Washington, D.C.

On Friday, September 11, Vice President Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence will travel to New York City, New York, to participate in memorial ceremonies honoring the victims of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.  Later that evening, the Vice President and Second Lady will return to Washington, D.C.

Recap of Saturday-Monday, September 5-7, 2020

Note: All bold hyperlinks spotlight COVID-19 and reopening developments.

The White House

  • Remarks by President Trump in Press Conference | September 7, 2020

Department of State

  • Daily Schedule | Tuesday, September 8
  • September 7: Statement | Brazil’s Independence Day
  • September 6: Advisory | Announcing the Indo-Pacific Business Forum 2020 (October 28-29 | Hanoi, Vietnam)
  • September 6: Statement | Eswatini Independence Day
  • September 6: Statement | On the Overdue Release of Cuban Journalist, Roberto Quiñones
  • September 5: Readout | Secretary Pompeo’s Meeting with Kosovo Prime Minister Hoti
  • September 5: Advisory | Special Representative Khalilzad Travels to Qatar (Sept. 4)
  • September 5: Advisory | Special Envoy for the Sahel Region Dr. J. Peter Pham Travel to Mauritania, France, and Niger (Sept. 6-16)

US Agency for International Development (USAID)

  • Press Release: USAID Announces Additional $15 Million in New Humanitarian Assistance to Fight Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

  • Press Release: Rio Grande City CBP Officers Seize over $1.2 Million of Methamphetamine at the Starr Camargo International Bridge (Texas)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

  • Press Release: FEMA Announces Lost Wages Grant for Kansas
  • Press Release: Helping People and Keeping them Safe (Washington, D.C.)
  • Press Release: FEMA Authorizes Funds to Fight Utah’s Ether Hollow Fire
  • Press Release: FEMA Authorizes Funds to Fight Colorado’s Cameron Peak Fire
  • Press Release: FEMA Authorizes Funds to Fight Wyoming’s 316 Fire
  • Press Release: FEMA Authorizes Funds to Fight Montana’s Bridger Foothills Fire
  • Press Release: Keep in Touch—Update Information with FEMA to Avoid Delays (Louisiana)
  • Press Release: Drive-thru Disaster Recovery Center Opens in Jefferson Davis Parish with Safety Protocols (Louisiana)
  • Press Release: What to Expect After You Register (Louisiana)
  • Press Release: LOUISIANA: Spend FEMA Grant Wisely

US Export-Import Bank (EXIM)

  • Press Release: EXIM Chairman Kimberly Reed Statement Regarding Economic Normalization Between Serbia and Kosovo

Department of Labor

  • Statement on Labor Day by U.S. Secretary of Labor Scalia
  • Press Release: ICYMI | U.S. Department of Labor Acts to Help American Workers And Employers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

US Government (USG) COVID-19 Webpages

Non-USG COVID Webpages

Johns Hopkins University & Medicine

Synopsis of President Trump’s Tweets

  • September 8: “BLM Protesters horribly harass elderly Pittsburgh diners, scaring them with loud taunts while taking their food right off their plate. These Anarchists, not protesters, are Biden voters, but he has no control and nothing to say. Disgraceful. Never seen anything like it. Thugs!”
  • September 8: “….And because of weak and pathetic Democrat leadership, this thuggery is happening in other Democrat run cities and states. Must shut them down fast. Biden and his most Liberal in Senate running mate, Kamala, won’t even talk about it. They won’t utter the words, LAW & ORDER!”
  • September 7: “The Real Polls are starting to look GREAT! We will be having an even bigger victory than that of 2016. The Radical Left Anarchists, Agitators, Looters, and just plain Lunatics, will not be happy, but they will behave!”
  • September 7: “This guy is given the answer to questions, which he reads from his teleprompter. Is Donna  involved in this scam? Could you imagine if I got caught doing this. The media will never report this scam (FAKE) candidate. Sad!”  Retweet:  Stephen L. Miller @redsteeze · 13h · What is going on?…
  • September 7: “Winners All!”  Retweet:  Eric Trump @EricTrump · Sep 6 · Thank you to all of our incredible friends at the @NHRA U.S. Nationals in Indianapolis! We love and appreciate you — @realDonaldTrump will never let you down! #DriversForTrump #Trump2020 #KeepAmericaGreat
  • September 7: “Congratulations Erica. Fantastic WIN!”  Retweet:  Eric Trump @EricTrump · Sep 6 · Good things happen to great people who have backbone & conviction! On Friday, Erica Enders added #WomenForTrump to both sides of her car & started an amazing movement among the drivers in support of @realDonaldTrump! Minutes ago she won the entire U.S Nationals in Indianapolis!!
  • September 7: “Get Out and Vote for Corky Messner (@CorkyForSenate)!”  Retweet:  Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · Jun 12 · Corky Messner (@CorkyForSenate) will be a fantastic Senator for New Hampshire! A West Point graduate, he served our Country in the Army with distinction. Strong on Jobs, Crime, Vets, Military and the Second Amendment…
  • September 7: “Get Out and Vote for Matt @Mowers!”  Retweet:  Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · Jun 11 · Matt @Mowers is a champion for the Great State of New Hampshire! He was a winner in my Administration and he will always put America First. Strong on our Military, Vets, Low Taxes and the…
  • September 7: “Great job Erin. Just a 4 year continuation of the Great American Hoax!”  Retweet:  TV News HQ @TVNewsHQ · Sep 6 · “Journalism was abandoned” — Trump campaign’s @ErinMPerrine doubles down against The Atlantic
  • September 7: “The Fake News knows that Sleepy Joe doesn’t have a clue, and they want to protect his Radical Left Democrat enablers. He is so bad for the USA!”  Retweet:  TV News HQ @TVNewsHQ · Sep 6 · WATCH: Press slammed for Biden softballs by Fox’s @HowardKurtz: “The questions reporters asked Biden were head shaking, just downright embarrassing.”
  • September 7: “@CNN IS FAKE NEWS, and all smart people know that!”  Retweet:  TV News HQ @TVNewsHQ · 7h · Fox News and MSNBC are carrying President Trump’s news conference live while CNN is in normal programming, despite previously covering Joe Biden’s news conferences live in full.
  • September 7: “Congratulations to Dustin Johnson @DJohnsonPGA on not only a great winning streak and golf season, but on capping it off with a fantastic @PGA Tour Championship and becoming the 2020 FEDEXCUP Champion. Dustin is a true WINNER in so many ways!”
  • September 7:

  • September 7: “Exclusive: Zach Fuentes, Top Aide to John Kelly, Denies Atlantic Story About Trump  via @BreitbartNews Thanks Zach. Just more corrupt Fake News trying to change the course of our most important, ever, Election!”
  • September 7: “Biggest & Fastest Financial Recovery In History. Next year will be BEST EVER, unless a very Sleepy person becomes President and massively raises your taxes – In which case, CRASH!”
  • September 7: “Just heard that Wacko John Bolton was talking of the fact that I discussed “love letters from Kim Jong Un” as though I viewed them as just that. Obviously, was just being sarcastic. Bolton was such a jerk!”
  • September 7: “Rochester N.Y., Brooklyn N.Y., Portland – All had bad nights, all weakly run by Radical Left Democrat Governors and Mayors! Get the picture?”
  • September 7: “10.6 Million Jobs Created In Just 4 Months, A Record!!!”
  • September 7: “Biden Underperforming! @OANN What else is new, the story of his life.”
  • September 7: “Gordon Chang: China Seems ‘to Be Favoring Joe Biden‘ in Presidential Election  via @BreitbartNews. Of course they want Biden. I have taken $Billions from China and given it to our Farmers and U.S. Treasury. China would own the U.S. if Biden & Hunter got in!
  • September 7: “Will be having a Labor Day News Conference today at the White House, 1:00 P.M. Jobs number, and the Economic comeback, are looking GREAT. Happy Labor Day!”
  • September 7: “Starting to get VERY high marks in our handling of the Coronavirus (China Virus), especially when compared to other countries and areas of the world. Now the Vaccines (Plus) are coming, and fast!”
  • September 7 [Censored]: “A so-called peaceful protest!
  • September 7 [Censored]: “Thank you!
  • September 6: “A massive Disinformation Campaign is going on by the Democrats, their partner, the Fake News Media, & Big Tech. They create false stories and then push them like has never been done before, even beyond the 2016 Campaign. It imperils our Country, and must stop now. Victory 2020!”
  • September 6: “Our Economy and Jobs are doing really well. Next Year will be a Record Setter. Stay Tuned!”
  • September 6: “Lunacy!”  Retweet:  Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump · Sep 5 · Trump Orders Purge of ‘Critical Race Theory‘ from Federal Agencies  via @BreitbartNews  This is a sickness that cannot be allowed to continue. Please report any sightings so we can quickly extinguish!
  • September 6: “These are the Democrats ‘peaceful protests’. Sick!”  Retweet:  Dan Scavino @DanScavino · Sep 6 · [Video]
  • September 6: “Big Ten Football is looking really good, but may lose Michigan, Illinois, and Maryland because of those Governors’ ridiculous lack of interest or political support. They will play without them?”
  • September 6: “The Democrats, together with the corrupt Fake News Media, have launched a massive Disinformation Campaign the likes of which has never been seen before. They will say anything, like their recent lies about me and the Military, and hope that it sticks… But #MAGA gets it!”
  • September 6: “Department of Education is looking at this. If so, they will not be funded!”  Retweet:  Ocitman @Ocitman · Sep 1 · Replying to @LisaMarieBoothe and @HotlineJosh california has implemented the 1619 project into the public schools. soon you wont recognize America
  • September 6: “The Democrats know that they are creating havoc on Election night. This is what they want. WE WILL WIN!”  Retweet:  Dan Crenshaw @DanCrenshawTX US House candidate, TX-2 · Sep 3 · AG Barr calmly destroys the disingenuous questioning by Wolf Blitzer and then destroys the insane logic of universal mail-in voting. Truth and logic always win.…
  • September 6: “Steve Jobs would not be happy that his wife is wasting  money he left her on a failing Radical Left Magazine that is run by a con man (Goldberg) and spews FAKE NEWS & HATE. Call her, write her, let her know how you feel!!!”  Retweet:  Charlie Kirk @charliekirk11 · Sep 4 · The widow of Steve Jobs—Laurene Powell Jobs donated at least $500,000 to Joe Biden’s campaign this year.  Do you know who owns a majority stake in The Atlantic?  Laurene Powell Jobs.
  • September 6: “Be smart Baltimore! You have been ripped off for years by the Democrats, & gotten nothing but poverty & crime. It will only get worse UNLESS YOU ELECT KIMBERLY KLACIK TO CONGRESS. She brings with her the power & ECONOMIC STRENGTH OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. She works sooo hard….”
  • September 6: “….Baltimore will turn around, and I will help. Crime will go way down, money and jobs will pour in. Life will be MUCH better because Kimberly really cares. The Dems have had 100 years and they gave you nothing but heartache. Baltimore is the WORST IN NATION, Kimberly will..”
  • September 6: “….fix it, and fast. The current recipient has no chance, and won’t even try. As I have often said, Baltimore is last in everything, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE! Kimberly is fully Endorsed by me, something I do not do lightly. Take advantage of it and MAKE BALTIMORE GREAT!”
  • September 5: “Wish I could join you, but totally focused on November 3rd. Thank you! #MAGA” [Video]
  • September 5: “Congratulations to the U.S. Marshals on a job well done in Portland. LAW & ORDER!”
  • September 5: “Nancy Pelosi said she got ‘set up’ by the owner (a very good one) of a beauty parlor. If so, how will she do in negotiations against President Xi of China, President Putin of Russia, or Kim Jong Un of North Korea. Not so well, I suspect, but far better than Joe Hiden’ would do!”
  • September 5: “Thank you!”  Retweet:  Tim Wieland @CBS4Tim · Sep 4 · When I worked for CNN I spent months producing special coverage of the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo, including the end of the Kosovo War. That was 22 years ago. Remarkable that this step toward economic cooperation is finally being taken, decades later.…
  • September 5: “Great job @PeteHegseth, one of a kind! @foxandfriends”
  • September 5:  “Not any more!”  Retweet:  Ian Miles Cheong @stillgray · Sep 2 · Critical race theory is the greatest threat to western civilization and it’s made its way into the US federal government, the military, and the justice system.