Legislative Activity

Senate Ready to Vote on NRC Nominee

On Thursday, December 3, the Senate voted to end debate and move forward on a vote to approve President Obama’s nomination of Jeffrey M. Baran to serve as a member of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). The vote to end debate on Mr. Baran’s nomination was contentious and ended in a 53-40 vote despite the relatively non-partisan nature of the Commission’s work, and the fact that Mr. Baran already serves as a member of the Commission. Republicans argued that Mr. Baran’s nomination should have been subject to a full confirmation hearing. Others argued that President Obama deliberately bypassed more experienced potential nominees by nominating Mr. Baran to serve. The Senate will likely vote to approve Mr. Baran’s nomination today, December 8.

Senate Energy Committee Appears Supportive of FERC Nominee

On Thursday, December 4, the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing to consider President Obama’s nomination of Ms. Collette Honorable to serve as a member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The hearing went smoothly, and committee members’ questions seemed to indicate that Ms. Honorable will not face partisan opposition when the committee votes to approve her nomination.

This Week’s Hearings:

  • Thursday, December 11: The House Energy and Commerce Committee will hold a hearing titled “The Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975: Are We Positioning America for Success in an Era of Energy Abundance?”
  • This week, the House Energy and Commerce Committee is expected to hold a hearing to investigate the Environmental Protection Agency’s decision not to finalize the 2014 Renewable Fuel Standard mandate during the calendar year.