Legislative Activity

Farm Bill

On Tuesday afternoon, the Senate will vote on and likely pass the farm bill conference report that the Congressional Budget Office scored at a little over $16 billion in cost savings. The scheduled Senate vote comes after the House passed the report by a vote of 251-61 last Wednesday.

In the House, a majority of Republicans (162 in total), voted in favor of the bill, with only 63 Republicans voting against the bill. A majority of Democrats, however, opposed the bill (103 in total), while 89 Democrats voted in favor of the bill. Many of the Democrats who opposed the bill pointed to the $8.6 billion cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program as their justification for a “no” vote. The Senate’s version of the farm bill proposed cuts at $4 billion and the House’s version of the bill totaled $39 billion in cuts. In total, 14 House Republicans and Democrats did not vote.