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Appropriators Turn Attention to FY 2018 Process Without the Guidance of a Budget Resolution; President Trump’s FY 2018 Budget Proposal Anticipated on May 23

Legislative Activity Appropriators Turn Attention to FY 2018 Process Without the Guidance of a Budget Resolution Now that the FY 2017 budget is finalized, appropriators are ready to focus on the FY 2018 process, even though the budget committees have yet to produce a budget resolution to provide topline spending levels for the upcoming fiscal … Continue Reading

Trump Releases FY 2018 Budget Blueprint and Sends FY 2017 Military and Border Supplemental to Congress

Executive Branch Activity Trump Releases FY 2018 Budget Blueprint Last week, President Donald Trump released his FY 2018 “skinny budget,” intended to serve as the blueprint for his full budget request expected in May. As anticipated, the $1.1 trillion budget request adheres to the topline discretionary spending cap of $1.1 trillion mandated by the Budget … Continue Reading

House Passes FY 2017 Defense Appropriations Bill; President Trump to Deliver FY 2018 Budget Outline This Week; Debt Ceiling Suspension Expires This Week

Legislative Activity FY 2017: House Passes Defense Appropriations Bill, What About the Rest? The House passed its $577.9 billion FY 2017 defense appropriations bill (H.R. 1301) last week by a vote of 371-48 which included a $6.8 billion increase in procurement funding above the Obama Administration’s budget request for the fiscal year. The chamber still … Continue Reading

Congress Looks to Finalize Funding for the Current Fiscal Year; Trump’s FY 2018 “Skinny Budget” Expected Mid-March

Executive Branch Activity Trump’s FY 2018 “Skinny Budget” Expected Mid-March The Trump Administration is reporting it will release its FY 2018 budget proposal by mid-March, according to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. The proposal is expected to be a “skinny budget” and provide an outline of the President’s fiscal goals, while a more comprehensive … Continue Reading

House Republicans Work Towards an Agreement on Spending; House and Senate Appropriations Committees to Hold Budget Hearings

Legislative Activity House Republicans Work Towards an Agreement on Spending Republicans may be nearing a deal that will make passage of a budget much easier in the House. Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) recently told House Republicans the best way to advance conservative policy priorities during the upcoming appropriations process is to approve a budget, and … Continue Reading

President to Release Budget Tuesday to Republican Opposition

Legislative Activity President to Release Budget Tuesday, to Republican Opposition On Tuesday, February 9, the White House will release President Barack Obama’s fiscal year (FY) budget request, his final one. The President’s budget will be dead on arrival in Congress but can be an important messaging document, particularly heading into a presidential election year. The … Continue Reading

Congress Kicks Off Budget Process

Legislative Activity Congress Kicks Off Budget Process This week, the Congressional fiscal year (FY) 2017 budget process begins in earnest, as the House and Senate Budget Committees hold budget hearings and various committees mark up their “Views and Estimates.” While President Barack Obama will not release his budget until February 9, Congress is not waiting … Continue Reading

House Ways And Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp Will Release A Comprehensive Draft Of A Tax Code Rewrite

LEGISLATIVE ACTIVITY House Tax Overhaul House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) has told GOP panel members he will release a “comprehensive discussion draft” this week of a tax code rewrite. While getting a major change in tax law this year is widely considered to be a long shot, this marks a turning … Continue Reading